Akaku Maui TV network interview wth Danny Pekus

Hello, I’m Danny Pekus and running for State House
I believe that we can have government work for us the community and families of Maui.
I am a Special Education teacher at Baldwin HS.
I have my masters in education, a Bachelor's in Business Administration, and Vocational Education teaching endorsement.
I have owned and operated a construction and roofing company.
A Incentive Marketing Director for a small manufacturing company.
I have also consulted to businesses in Utah and recently in Hawaii.
These businesses have had upwards of 40 plus employees.
I have coached HS football and all levels of baseball from high school to professionally.  
I played both sports in college.

I know that my experience in both the private industry and the public sector can be extremely useful in negotiating and working through the pitfalls of government as your Representative in the State House.  

I also listen well, I’m punctual, logical, and have excellent attendance in every industry and position that I have worked in, unlike my opponent who has an extremely poor voting record while representing You the People..

My policies are community and family based, for You, the Community.
I use the acronym of T.E.A.C.H.E.R.
T: Trustworthy and Transparent
E: Education
A: Affordable Housing and Homeless
C: Cost reductions to businesses
H: Health and Domestic Violence issues
E: Environment
R: Reduce Regulations

I’ll briefly discuss T and E due to the time constraints here but feel free to look up my policies in detail on my website at: pekusforhouse.com
T: Trustworthy and Transparent
a.) Charity donation example!!!!
b.) I believe we can rebuild Trust in Govt. through transparency
E: Education
a.) 2200 paid positions that do not see students.
b.) Teacher pay too low for cost of living, working 2-3 jobs
c.) Baldwin Complex area has 35% of teachers in first 4 years- causes high turnover and lack of consistency with your children
c.) Kihei HS- one of the most expensive schools to be built in US
1.) Cost $604 per square foot verse NY at $204 per square foot and pushed back to 2022 UNACCEPTABLE
In closing, I have more life’s experiences and have been loyal and successful at everything that I have pursued.
I will be here for the “COMMUNITY AND FAMILIES” OF MAUI
You can send me questions at: danny@ pekusforhouse.com